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VoiceMacro is created by FSC-SOFT, a small one-man design & development studio located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The author has 30+ years of computing experience, started coding his first applications 1985 on Commodore 64.


Other free public projects from FSC-SOFT

MK GPXTool a free program for visualization and analysis of .gpx log-files created by the Navigation Control Circuit of a Multicopter from the German Multirotor company HiSystems GmbH (

ARKpnt Editor a free tool to convert Images <-> ARK .pnt files for ARK: Survival Evolved

EDConfig and EDSafeCalc are free tools for Elite: Dangerous

OBSCommand is a free tool to control OBS Studio locally, or remote via Command Line (via obs-websocket plugin)

Rally 1000 is a free (to try) Card Game available on Windows Store for Mobile and Desktop