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With VoiceMacro your computer, application or game can be controlled by voice commands and/or by the press of a keyboard, mouse button or combinations of it, additionally you can start any of your macros by scheduler, by a macro action, or from an external program

In VoiceMacro you can create a virtually unlimited number of profiles that can have virtually unlimited numbers of macros that can have virtually unlimited numbers of actions which can be repeated infinitely

It's powerful condition-, variable- and math-system is like a "Swiss Army Knife" for your PC


Awards & Reviews

SOFTPEDIA rated 4.5/5

"VoiceMacro is an advanced and efficient software solution created to enhance the way you work on your computer, enabling you to execute certain tasks much quicker than usual..."
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FindMySoft.com rated 5/5 and Essential

"A good solution is VoiceMacro, which can make your computer do mostly anything. The best part is that it can be voice-activated. You can use it in numerous situations..."
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The Windows Advisor Top 5 Tools Jan/2016

"There are more and more options to control your PC using your voice these days. One of the newest is VoiceMacro, an advanced and efficient software tool designed to enhance the way you work..."
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If activated, VoiceMacro automatically switches to your desired profile depending on the application that is currently active


  • Activate macros by voice command and/or keyboard / mouse buttons, controller, scheduler, command line and other macros
  • 50+ actions (press key/button, move mouse, open file, play sound, speak text, activate window, rename window, auto play macro on profile activation etc...)
  • Conditions (wait for pixel, toggle ON/OFF, rotate, rotate end, OnTimeout, loop start/end etc...)
  • 4 types of user-variables (local, profile-wide, global and global saved to disk)
  • 60+ fixed internal Variables like for "RepeatCount", "DialogResult", "MacroName" or MouseX/Y and many more you can include in "speak text", as x and y position for mouse etc.
  • Various math and compare functions + random number generator
  • Auto-switching to different profiles depending on current active window (you can have multiple windows attached to the same profile)
  • Multiple commands can share one hotkey using single-, double- and triple-click
  • Mouse positioning relative to screen or window (topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright or center)
  • Repeat 1 - infinite, loop's within repeats
  • User interaction / feedback: ShowUI, Dialogs, OSD (On Screen Display), Text to speech
  • Recording function for mouse and keyboard
  • Testing macro-actions step by step
  • Auto-run macro when profile is activated, or deactivated
  • Default and Global profile
  • Recursion detection
  • Macros can be in groups that can have affixes
  • Allow only one or multiple threads per command
  • Speech command hint's
  • Informative tray-icon
  • Import/export profiles

Important Notes:
- "WaitForPixel" does not work with games running in exclusive mode DirectX fullscreen
- The voice recognition gets SIGNIFICANTLY better (self learning) for each new voice command over time


VoiceMacro has a clean and small interface, is lightweight and can be used portable (standalone)

VoiceMacro has no Digital Rights Management (DRM), that means no copyright protection and it will never show you any advertisements

VoiceMacro is donationware, no registration or anything is required to download or run the application

VoiceMacro can be installed on unlimited numbers of PC's for free, however if you use this application regularly and like to see further developments and updates or if you just like to support this project, any donation is greatly appreciated!


Some quotes from VoiceMacro users:

"...I think [VoiceMacro] is way better than most of the competition. I tried three programs myself, one of which lists for $80: yours was hands down the best." - Steve

"Amazing work. Easy to use. Nice UI." - Franck

"Awesome piece of software. Great Job" - Abdalla

"Does what it says" - John

"...Keep up the good work! Highly appreciated. Best regards, from Russia with love."- Viacheslav

"...thanks again for the great software. I have fairly serious disabilities so your software has really helped me." - Joe

"I wanted to thank you for your contribution for developing your voice macro program. It's really cool. It's helped me achieve many things..." - Anthony


A note for Gamers and Game Developers:
Although it is possible to missuse VoiceMacro's capabilities, it is NOT intended to be a cheating tool, it does NOT interfere with any Game or Application and is not to be generally considered a "Illegal Third Party Application",- look at it as an additional input method to Keyboard and Mouse like Joysticks, Gamepads, Motion sensors etc.
Then there is a growing number of Gamers who can't see the keyboard while using a Virtual Reality Headset...

Also bear in mind there are people that are only able to play certain Games thanks to Voice Recognition enabled Macro tools!



You can download the latest version of VoiceMacro here


System requirements

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8.x / Windows 10 / Windows XP (Only Hotkeys, no Speech Recognition)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (Official Download site)